Sunday, September 24, 2017

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31DC2017 - Inspired by a Book - Rainbow fish

Whoops, I posted this a day early, so I unpublished it and will do it again.

Today's book themed nails were inspired by one of the Digital Dozen nail artists last month who created Rainbow Fish nails.  You can check out the nails 25 Sweetpeas did last month.  My design is completely different, and more abstract.  I simply did dotted scales (which is a technique I've never done before) and a close up of Rainbow Fish's face.

I actually do haveto have a copy of one of the Rainbow fish stories, as my daughter wanted to buy it during book week. So I felt I was able to get a good likening to the picture. 

We are also creating a sculpture of Rainbow fish that my kids are entering in the sculpture competition at school next month. I'm very excited about how it's coming together. Think of a large nail polish dragon egg style design, turned on it's side with rainbow pins painted with polish and plastic fins also painted with polish. It's rather cool. 

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  1. ...great minds think alike?

  2. Lovely manicure! I also thought that books came before movies but managed to sort it out before publishing :)


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