Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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31DC2017 - Watermarble

Water-marble day was one I always dreaded, not any more! I love water marble day cause I finally have the knowledge to work out what's wrong with a marble and fix it.

Today I've gone back to one of my favourite brands to water marble with, which become quite the indie polish world sensation with this collection simply for the fact that it water marbled so perfectly.  My bottles are getting pretty old now, at least two and a half years I'd say, and they still marble like they were new, even though the bottles are about two thirds full.

For today's design, I created the marbles on water and let the dry and applied them like decals.  It was so much cleaner doing it that way. I also felt I got better placement of the patterns and I didn't use up as much polish as doing it the regular water dipping technique. So if you have the time to allow the polish to dry in the cup, and at least two cups (I actually did three in case I messed up and needed another full pattern) then I highly recommend doing it the decal way.

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  1. Gorgeous marble! Can't go wrong with that colour combination either!
    I've tried the decal method but wasn't successful, when trying to fish out the marble from the cup it wanted to fold, crumble and die instead of playing along..


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