Thursday, September 14, 2017

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31DC2017 - Flowers and Digital Dozen turns 5 with Dance Legend Lumos pigment

Oh my, I am really stretching the friendship with the prompt themes with this one!  Let me start by saying I love the final look.  But it's not really a strong flower theme now is it!

The five theme is pushing it a bit too. You see I hand painted 5 little flowers on each nail. Oh well. Like I said, I still like the final look. I haven't worn a hounds tooth design in ages, and I really love bold pattern designs with flowers either stamped or painted over.

Oh I nearly forgot. These glowed in the dark too. And really seriously glowed.  Over my white base of Dance Legend Glitter base, I rubbed in some Dance Legend Lumos powder. The powder is white, so you can't see it at all over a white base.  I did have a little trouble getting it to stick to my nail and ended up apply a layer of nail foil glue, which worked perfectly in making the pigment stick.  Here is a shot of the glow on it's own, and then the final mani.

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My flower nails from 20132014, 2015 and 2016!

Lumos pigment provided for consideration.


  1. Amazing nails!!!
    I loved flowers in nail art!!!

  2. It looks absolutely fabulous, love this look!


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