Friday, September 22, 2017

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31DC2017 - Inspired by a song

I always find this prompt so tricky. I find it really hard to find inspiration from a some, but today this one just clicked when I saw the dancing bodies on the Bundle Monster plate that I stamped on my ring and pinky fingers.

As soon as I saw them I though they looked like people dancing, and more specifically, like they were shaking. So my inspiration for this mani is the Taylor Swift song, Shake it off. 

My kids just love dancing away to this song. In fact, at school, they have replaced the school bell with a 10 second audio clip of either Shake it Off, or Happy by Pharrel Williams. 

So what's going on here on my nails, well I was inspired by the video clip for this song. There are lots of costumes and many distinct looks.  To start with I did a grey gradient background just like the background on the video clip.  I did the cassette deck player with red stamping to represent the part where she wears the black leather plants and the red bomber jacket.  The ballet shoe represents the part with the ballet dancers (obviously) and then there are the people dancing, or "shaking it off". I even painted on gold to represent her gold outfit. 

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