Monday, September 18, 2017

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31DC2017 - Half Moons with Picture Polish Macaron

Half moons is a prompt that I either totally smash it, or completely miss the mark. Last year and 2014 were both years where I hit it out of the park, 2015 was pretty damn awful. This year I'm not so sure. I was inspired by a design I saw through google images, but it wasn't watermarked so I don' know who to credit. The one I saw was also matte, and maybe that is why it looks so much better than mine? I dunno. I don't hate this, but I'm not loving it either. Maybe it's because it's spring time here and I want to wear bright colours and pastels, not dark vampy colours like this mani.

What I do love is the sparkly bling feature nail.  I used some new crystals I got from MilvArt, there are regular silver ones and aurora borealis ones which are multicoloured pastel shades.

The other thing I love about this mani is the half moon shade, which is a new colour from Picture Polish called Macaron. It's impossible for me to capture it accurately in my indoor photos, so I have some swatch photos below.  

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Macaron is a smooth jelly shade with tonnes of scattered holo particles. It leans to coral side of the red spectrum and is a fabulous addition to my collection.

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