Monday, November 14, 2011

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Custom polishes - Moondust TKB pigments Part 1

Remember when I made the glass fleck topcoats from the TKB Star Bites collection?  There was Miranda Star, Shanika Sun, Cherika Star.  Well here are three frankens made with the sister pigments, Moondust, also available from TKB Trading.  

These are a much finer powder than the Star Bites, and they all still have a beautiful and strong colour shift.  All these swatches were two coats over a black base.  I accidentally made my polishes a bit too concentrated, I should have only added about five straw scoops in my mini bottle, not eight!

First up is Aisha Gold.  Layered over black this feels a little similar to Peripera Metallic Green, and even a bit Chanel Peridot-ish.  It even has the same blue colour shift.

Super sparkly in the sun, with a strong gold green base.

Here is the blue green shift.

Next is Crescent Crimson.  The TKB Trading website says this one shifts from red to orange to yellow.  I don't really see the red, much more pink, but it does shift to orange and yellow.  Very pretty.

The last one for today is Indu Rose. This shifts from indigo to purple to red.  Totally gorgeous.

You likely? Yes?

Two more to show you tomorrow.


  1. Man, your customs are killin' me! Beautiful!!!

  2. Oh my lord! These are some of the nicest yet!

  3. Um, Beetlejuice?? Those are pretty much dupes love! You are such a clever little chicken!

  4. Beautifull!iT LOOKS like the beetlejuice collection!

  5. Definitely loooove the first one!

  6. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  7. You are slaying me! These are fabulous! I was just looking at the beetlejuice collection swatches and they do not compare in the least to these <3

  8. Incredible! Cant wait to have a play with some of the TKB pigments! Is there any chance you could do a post on your franken/custom polish process? like do you use shaker bottles and a funnel? Thanks! xx


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