Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Models Own - Gold Green

Models Own Beetlejuice collection Gold Green is a gold shimmer base with a green duochrome shift. It's not the strongest duochrome, but it's a very interesting olive golden green.  This is three coats on it's own.

This picture used the LED light on my macro setting, and it shows off the golden shimmer well.

Like the other polishes in the collection, you can see the duochrome shift the best when you view the nail on an acute angle with back lighting.  That is how I took this photo and you can see how green this polish goes.  It's really pretty.

This comparison is against Ozotic 507.  I totally forgot to compare it next to Chanel Peridot, but you can check out Kristy's comparison at the end of her Beetlejuice post.

Models Own Gold Green is on the index and ring fingers, Ozotic 507 is on the middle and pinky.  Both are three coats on their own.

The angle, back lit picture is where you can really see the difference between these two polishes.  As you can see the Ozotic 507 shift is more of a aqua blue, whereas Models Own Gold Green really shifts to more of an emerald green.

After seeing how green the MO Gold Green polish shifted, I decided I also needed to compare it to the Gold to Green colour morphing powder franken.  So to make sure I compared apples with apples, I removed everything and applied a black base.  I then put two coats of each polish over black.

MO Gold Green on the index, Gold to Green colour morphing franken on the index and Ozotic 507 on the ring finger.  This is where the colour morphing franken really shows off.  Just look at that green in the middle!

When comparing the gold colours you can see that the colour morphing franken looks much warmer, almost red, in fact I even checked the bottle again to make sure I didn't put on the red to green polish.

So, all similar, but no dupes.  If I have to pick one of them as my favourite Gold to green duochrome, I think I couldn't, because my bottle of Chanel Peridot wins that category hands down.


  1. Another fantastic comparison post

    Out of the three, your franken wins hands down

  2. Out of the two I prefer the Beetlejuice one. I haven't got it though, since I don't wear that shade of green very often.
    Your pictures are very pretty. :)

  3. Those frankens are to die for!

  4. this was exactly the comparison I wanted to see.
    I have not wanted to buy Ozotic a dupe.
    Anyway I am satisfied with the Ozotic
    Thank you!

  5. I like the colour morphing franken and am glad I have the pigmnent :)

  6. I like your franken better, can't wait to make one of my own.


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