Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Custom Polishes - TKB gold pigments

More frankens (or more accurately 'Custom polishes') for you today.  Sorry if your a bit sick of them, but I just can't stop myself making them.

These three polishes are again made using TKB pigments.  I purchased these pigments to use as eye shadows, because they are all shades of gold and brown, which I wear all the time.  Naturally, I had to mix some into a mini bottle of polish too.  Now my eyes and my tips match!

This one is Verdigris Gold.  It's murky and mysterious and is a green gold.

In this sun angle shot, you can see flecks of green and orange.  It's a very rich and interesting pigment.  It mixed in perfectly and was totally smooth to apply.

This one almost looks the same colour, but it is slightly different.  This is Antique Gold.

Lastly is Chamoisee.  This was actually free.  It was an off spec Antique Silver which TKB were giving away as free samples!  You can't get any better than free.

These really are the simplest polishes to make if you ever wanted to try making your own but were unsure where to start.  You literately just add about half a teaspoon of powder into clear polish (or suspension base if you can get your hands on it) and your done.

I'm pretty sure no one else but me will know that my eyeshadow and nails match :)


  1. Your posts on your custom polish make me wanna try making my own too, but I'm not sure where to begin or even where to buy the ingredients from (I'm in Singapore). Do you have a tutorial on making your own polish?

  2. Susan - I'm trynig to psych myself into doing some video tutorials for making some polishes. But I have to work out the whole editing business. I might put together a 101 frankening post if you think it would be helpful.

  3. The 101 frankening post sounds cool! I want to try it but dunno where and how to start. Don't want to end up creating a toxic mess at home! LOL

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  5. The first two look very similar to OPI Greenwhich Green & China Glaze Cat's Eye. Very nice!

    Also Skrakablam you made my day!

  6. There is no way I will ever tire of your creations! They are stunning!


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