Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Custom polish - Cavalry Orange

I've posted about my husband playing and coaching baseball before, specifically for the Canberra Cavalry in the Australian Baseball League.  I've done Cavalry nails before, and I'll tell you now, there are going to be several more Cavalry baseball manis over the summer, because I plan to have a different orange baseball mani for every home series.

Orange is the teams colour, which in general terms is rather bright and not really a fashion colour to me.  But in terms of a team supporter colour, it's excellent.  I wore this orange mani to the games last weekend.

Last season I only had one orange polish, Ulta3 Crazy!  This year I have added to that with Picture Polish Citrus and Nics Sticks by OPI Orange you fast, but because I got my new tints I just had to make my own orange holo.

I'm afraid I have a lot of trouble capturing the holo in red and orange polishes.  My camera doesn't get it. I always think I have taken some great shots, then I upload them to my PC and discover you can hardly see the rainbow.

I made this one using Red 6,Yellow 10 and Yellow 5 lacquer tints, suspension base and spectraflair.  

To answer some questions in yesterday's comments, I got the tints from an Australian Beauty supply company who only ships domestically to Australia.  I don't feel comfortable posting their business name up or contact details here, as they are a bulk supply business that doesn't currently deal with small public orders.  However any Aussie girls can email me to find out the details.


  1. Such a gorgeous juicy orange holo

  2. I am so impressed with people who create they own nail polishes =) This ones super cool.

  3. Looks like it would squirt juice if bitten!! Love!

  4. HOT ORANGE! Wonderful holo polish, you do such a great job making polishes!

  5. wow!!!!! no comments...that´s spetacular. Congrats.

  6. Hot Orange !!!! This is perfect!!!!

  7. Hello ! I'm a french reader and I discovered your blog this summer, when I bought spectrlair pigment. I find your franken polishes amazing, and this one is very successful ! I have a question : what do you call "suspension base" ? I don't understand... Is it a basic clear polish or top coat ? Or something especially created to add pigments in it ?

  8. Stunning!!! Your creations = blowing my mind! :D


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