Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Glitter Gal - Yellow Gold 3D Sparkle and Lizard Belly

A friend recently sent me this bottle of Glitter Gal 3D Sparkle polish in Yellow Gold.  I didn't own any of the 3D sparkle polishes, so this was such a wonderful surprise to receive.

I had imagined yellow gold to be a rather brassy and warm toned polish, but this certainly not what I expected, in a really good way.  I love cool toned golds, and this is exactly the right shade in my opinion.
The holo in this polish is more of a micro holo glitter, so it's not a linear holographic, but it also isn't like Ozotic 604, which is a scattered larger particle holo.  This is a scattered, micro holo glitter, which was still pretty smooth to the touch.

Next is Lizard Belly.  This polish has been blogged about to death, and it's easy to see why (although I actually found this a little tricky to photograph for a holo).  Like others have said, this is so green it's almost black, but the holo effect is beautiful (although I personally think the bottle looks a little more holo than it does on the nail)

Application for both these polishes was smooth and easy.  Both polishes are two coats.

I also received a free double ended lip pencil with my order, which I'm happy to report is beautiful to use.  Both colours in the pencil are nice, not the hideous sorts of colours you usually get with a freebee.  Oh and unlike the delivery issues with my first order, I got my package in record time.

I can't wait to see what names win the Glitter Gal naming comps.  I didn't enter.  I struggle enough with coming up with names for my own polishes.  I hope they pick good ones!  It will also be interesting to see what price their new larger bottles sell for.


  1. I have these two and dare I say it, they are not in my top favourites list. I must be the only one who was a little underwhelmed by Lizard Belly as I don't think it has much holo in it (I think it's just really hard to do it and keep the colour this dark because of the Spectraflair). Don't get me wrong, I loooooove the colour but I wanted the holo effect to stand up and slap my face lol. I think having been frankening with Spectraflair and achieving stoopidly holo effects in some of them has spoiled me ;)

  2. both gorgeous! Lizard belly is on my wish list. I also got my package today woo so excited. Thank you, your the best! x

  3. ooooh, they both look great on you - I really like Lizard Belly

  4. these are super pretty!!! i recently got Lizard Belly and i couldn't stop staring at my nails!!

  5. Great swatches!
    I'm more hanging out for the prices at GG than the new names! :) I possibly entered but never got a confirmation. No biggy as I'm sure they'll have better names :)


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