Friday, November 4, 2011

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Hits Holographics - Hestia

Exhausted. Me go sleep now, you look at pretty pictures of Hits Holographic Hestia.

Loved this one. Great holo, nice formula, unique pinky mauve colour not duped in any of my holos.


  1. Thank you for the holo posts. You are really helping me decide on which polishes I want and which I don't. Of course sometimes I didn't think I wanted temptress!!

  2. I passed on this one when I did my order because I thought it might be too similar to GG Frappe, but now I think maybe I should have gotten it anyway since it's so pretty lol.

  3. this is amazing !!
    I love this Hits olimpo
    My prefered is Hefesto ....
    your nails your nails beautiful as always.

  4. Really pretty pink, thanks for showing all the Hits holos


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