Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Custom polishes - Moondust TKB pigments Part 2

Here is the second installment of the TKB Moondust pigments.  Only two today, but they are both very pretty.  Both these polishes are two coats over black.  My polishes are very pigmented, made with 8 scoops of moondust in each bottle.  If I made these again, I would only use 5 scoops.

Lavender Luz shifts from blue to purple to orange, or so they tell me on the TKB site.  I don't think I captured the orange, but the blue to purple shift is nice and strong.

Luna Blue shifts from cyan to blue to red.  Again, it's that last colour shift on acute angles that I didn't get with the camera.

I ordered Models Own Beetlejuice on the day it was released, so I can't wait to compare those polishes with these frankens (when they eventually arrive from the other side of the world).  You can get a sample of all these five pigments for just $12, which is enough for about 8 polishes of each colour!


  1. WOW, these do look like some of the Model's Own polishes - look forward to your comparisons

  2. I agree with your conclusions and looking forward to your coming updates. Thanks for sharing.

    Custom Girl

  3. This is so beautiful and elegant! I will try that soon :D


  4. Lavender Luz reminds me a lot of the Sally Hansen HD polishes (either DVD or Byte... I forget which, lol!)

  5. These look like they could be dupes for the Models own-can't wait to see!

  6. Very pretty! You can see some of the orange in Lavender Luz in the 3rd shot :)

  7. gorgeous! wanna make me some? ;) hehehe

  8. So gorgeous!!
    It's just the pigments in a transparent polish over black?

  9. rock-or-not - yep, just pigments in transparent polish over black. Really simple.


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