Friday, November 11, 2011

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Ozotic Elytra 529 and 530

A few months ago, when I was looking for other interesting pigments to franken with, I was looking through the JDSU website and came across their Chromaflair Colorshift Glitter.  I instantly recognised the effects of the glitter as what is in the Ozotic Elytra polishes.  

I thought it would be awesome to be able to get these raw ingredients to be able to franken with, and I noticed they had four glitter colours, not three like the Elytras.  Why wouldn't they make all four glitters into Elytra polishes? The Silver to Gold glitter looks so pretty.  Peter, if your reading this, please get some of the silver to gold glitter and make that into a polish!

Anyway, I sent my inquiry off to find out how much the glitter was.  To my surprise the price was very reasonable, but it was cheap for a reason.  That reason was I had to buy a minimum of 5 lbs (or 2.27kg) per colour.  What the hell would I do with that much glitter?  The reason the glitter was a good price, and I quote my email:
"Please be noted that Glitter we are no longer to producing, only have stock.  When the stock sold out, no more."
So when I saw that, I figured I should buy the two Ozotic Elytra polishes that I didn't have, because eventually they are not going to be able to make them anymore cause the glitter will be sold out.
So without further adieu, here are my swatches of 529 and 530.

529 - the glitter shifts from blue, through purple to orange and red.  This is two coats over black. Seche Vite top coat.

530 - Shifts from pink through orange and yellow with a green tinge.
Two coats over black, Seche vite top coat. 

I'm not saying go out and get these polishes now before they run out of glitter, because maybe they already have so much glitter it will last all of us our lifetime, but I've always liked to share the info that I find out because knowledge is power! *double punches chest and goes for the knuckle pump*


  1. Both are gorgeous!!
    I love them!

  2. Beautiful! I'll have to actually keep some Elytras instead of swapping them away! Thanks for the tip :D

  3. I especially like the first one. It's beautiful!

  4. I've been looking at these lately even though I am not a glitter kind of girl (I draw the line at holos) lol. Maybe now that they might eventually be discontinued, I guess I should at least try one of them (adds 530 in the shopping cart) ;-)

  5. Will Picture Polish ever ship to the U.S.?? UGH, I want these shades so badly!!

  6. You really can't think of any reason to own 5lbs of glitter??? HAHAHAHA! That seems very silly! Love these!

  7. Cathy you are perfect!
    I loved all three Elytras! = D
    I can not wait to use mine!! \ o /
    Thanks for sharing the news with us!
    good day to you ...

    Rafaelly ...

  8. "*double punches chest and goes for the knuckle pump*"

    You had me literally LOL'ing! I follow your blog for happy moments like these! :)

  9. Lovely pics of these two.....why do I not have 530?!?!

    Ozotic should totally do another Elytra with that Silver--->Gold glitter

  10. LOVELY !!!! I fancy the 2nd picture!

  11. you totally called it! Looking through swatches now to see what I should pick up before they get discontinued!

    1. Wow Katie, great memory that you remembered I wrote about those pigments being disconnected way back in November!


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