Thursday, November 3, 2011

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Hits Holographics - Afrodite

I found it!  The only Hits Holographic polish that I'm not going to rave about.  This is Afrodite and it's a candy pink, rather frosty looking, slightly holographic polish.

The formula of this one was tricky for me.  It was thick and gluggy and remained streaky on the nail, thick ugly lines kinda streaky.

The colour is pretty.  It's a bubblegum pink to me.  

The holo in this one was a little disappointing compared to the holo effect in the other polishes in this range.

I'm not a frosty polish hater, in fact I don't mind them at all and think there is certainly a place for frosty polishes in my collection.  But I not sold on the frosty and holographic look together, the frostiness seems to take away from the holo goodness.  Ozotic 524 is in the same "frosty holographic" boat as this one. Meh!

Next I did a comparison next to other pink holos.

Left to right: Afrodite, Ozotic 522, Ozotic 511, Ozotic 516.
Ozotic 516 on the ring finger is a rather good colour match, but it's holo is much better.  516 on the pinky finger is a much bluer shade of pink.  But my favourite by far in this group in the magnificent Ozotic 522, shown on the middle finger.

Lastly in the shade to show the base colour differences.

See, I don't rave about every polish.  It's hard not to rave about a holographic, but really this one was just rather Blah!  Maybe I got a dud one, maybe it was because it was hot and 29 degrees when I swatched so it glugged up.  I'd send it off to a new owner, except the hoarder in me needs to keep the whole collection together.  Sorry.


  1. Wow, I didn't know there were disappointments in that collection. I don't like the frosty/holo combo either. I made a frankenfail using something too frosty once. Sad waste of holo.

  2. Yeah-not a fan of this either-am still waiting for my swap goodies of the Hits!


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