Monday, November 7, 2011

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You know you spend too much time nail blogging when...

... Mr Three grabs your camera and starts taking bottle shots.

... Mr Three paints his own nails...

... and proceeds to take his own swatch photos of his fingers.

I shit you not, seriously the cutest thing ever!!  It's only cause I saw him playing with the camera that I asked what he was doing. He said, "playing with mummy's polishes". Not bad painting skills either, right.

And now some Gosh Holographic spam, just because I wore it last week and took more photos.

Have a great night.


  1. Hahahaha, that's adorable - although I'm betting he won't think so when he's 13 :-p

    GOSH holographic looks so good on you!

  2. Definitely cute!
    and wow - look at that rainbow!

  3. Awww that's adorable! Mr. Three has great camera skills :) and love love love the polish, it's a huge lemming of mine.

  4. That's so funny. My 3yo painted his nails yesterday. He had ultra 3 red glitter on one, purple glitter on another and I think the rest were glow in the dark but he scraped them off before I could check in the dark. He doesn't get to play with the camera though. I got sick of the kids fighting over the cameras so even the old 'child safe' ones are kept out of reach now.
    Love that holo :)

    Mr. Four only plays with the bottles. I never did see him attempting to swatch! ahaha.

  6. Too cute! He can fill in for you when you need a break!

  7. Takes a real man to wear pink polish!!! I need to get that GOSH holo!

  8. That is the cutest thing. You've gotta save those photos for showing to future girlfriends :)

  9. That's seriously the cutest thing I've heard all day! You must be proud! :D

  10. ahahaha that is ADORABLE. and love that holo!

  11. This is the cutest thing ever. You made me reconsider my "absolutely no children ever!" stance for a few seconds. :)

  12. I'm impressed that he didn't get any polish on his cuticles, lol! He needs less cleanup than I do, damn!

  13. This made my day! Thanks for sharing :)
    Those are pretty impressive polishing skill ;)

  14. ROFL!!! This cracked me up so much, so cute! XD LOVE that GOSH too! <3

  15. Aw, those tiny fingers are so adorable!

  16. I love this post - too cute!

  17. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

    Kristy - Ha your so right. I will be sure to remind him when he's 13!

    All the pretty polish - I'm amazed with his camera skills. Of course I did crop the photos, cause his nails were in the corner. He loves going around the house and photographing various objects.

    Rebecca - so nice to see someone elses boy ok to paint their nails. I might have to get a glow in the dark, cause I reckon he would think that was so cool in bed at night.

    Beatlemarta - Mr Three started with bottles, usually shaking them like crazy because he sees me shaking up my frankens often. I'm sure the swatches will come!

    desnisefh - Ha ha, yes I must get him to swatch more often so I have backup photos to post.

    Little Red - yes they do.

    Jessi M - just for a few seconds hey. I think that sometimes, but then realise its too late :)

    Lindsey R - IKR. Very neat, he's like that with his colouring too.

    Anutka - I'll give him a few more years and then I get him to do my nails!

    Thanks again everyone. When your little one does something so cute like this you forget how much of a little a brat they can be at other times.

  18. Ohhh!! Your son is so sweet and adorable!!! :D

  19. Howdy, I'm the lady that did the candy cane nails with spectraflair top coat. When my nephew saw them (he'll be two in Jan.) he said "Ooowww, candy." and clapped his tiny little hands. LMAO I had created the universal image for candy. It was the best compliment I had ever got. Oh ya, love the GOSH, like magic rainbows in a bottle.


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