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Lynnderella - Shape Shifter

I've just spent the last hour going back through my recent posts and replying to all the lovely comments I have received.  I'm sorry I didn't reply to people earlier, it's rather piss poor form on my behalf.  I love reading everyone's comments, it gives me such a buzz knowing that people actually think enough of something to write a comment. I know you hear it from bloggers all the time, but it really is so true. Thank you all! *end corny and mushy crap*

Here is way too many photos of Lynnderella's Shape Shifter.  I couldn't just pick my regular few photos because each photo shows something so cool in this glitter polish.  This is two coats of Shape Shifter over one coat of Orly Shine. Topped with Ulta3 non-chip, glitter tamer and Seche Vite.

As you can see, this polish contains silver holographic glitter, there is micro squares, small hexes, medium hexes and large hexes, but it's the shape shifting part so fun with this polish.  

Shall we play a game?  I'll tell you a glitter shape and you have to find it in the next picture. OK.  Lets start easy...Medium Hex... too easy? Ok.

Huge square... Medium square... Flower shape... Bar glitter... Crescent moon.

This is my thumb, and the colours were so amazing I had to include this.  
Huge square... Flower... Bar... Hexes.

Tricky ones now - Butterfly... Heart

Crescent moon

Look, there is the heart on the pinky finger, really shining in this photo.  One last tricky one... Diamond.

In case you missed them, the two little butterflies were  flying on my ring finger.

I think that was all the shapes, did you find them all?  

What a seriously freaking awesome polish with all those fun shapes, some of which I have seriously NEVER seen in a bottle of polish before.  I can't believe this polish hasn't reached the same cult status as Connect the Dots.  I personally think this is such a unique polish and it totally deserves any Lynnderella hype that may surround it!


  1. Love the macro shots. The glitter somehow reminds me of fish scales underwater. Just beautiful xo

  2. Wow I think it had every shape of holographic glitter I could imagine!

  3. Wow this really is an amazing polish. looks fantastic on you!

  4. This is seriously amazing. I love what you layered it over.

  5. It's crazy all the shapes in this one polish! I have this myself and really need to swatch it.

  6. So amazing!! I love it!! Your macro shots (well all your shots really) are so clear and nice!!

  7. Wow, I have never seen that polish in such detail...amazing mani/pics/polish!!

  8. I have shape shifter but haven't used it as don't know how to remove it as I put a small coat of gel over my nails, I just love that

  9. God I love your Lynnderella posts. This is so amazing, so much more detailed than I thought!

    BTW I tagged you on my blog, feel free to check it out.

  10. ♥♥♥ One of my favourite Lynns, especially good over the mode black glitter for a pedi ♥♥♥

  11. I'm surprised I hadn't heard about this one more. Those shapes are awesome, I found them all! :D Most of them I've never seen in polish before. Love it! :)

  12. I LOVE this, so pretty and lots of interst there!

  13. where did u get those nail polishes?

  14. Where can you purchase her amazing polish?


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