Monday, March 12, 2012

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Lynnderella - Mysterious Ways

Oh man, my left hand is cramping after some serious Ctrl C, Ctrl V work. I just copied and pasted nearly 180 photos (all the nail art challenge pictures) through photoshop to edit them all to the same size.  I'm so excited to show you all them.  I think I will do three posts with approximately 30 entries each.  It's just going to take me some time to edit up each page.

So in the mean time, you can all continue to enjoy my Lynnderella manicures.  Today's is Mysterious Ways, which appears to contain various silver, silver holo and gun metal grey glitters of various shapes (I definitely see squares, hexes and diamonds) and also various sizes (micro glitter, medium, large and jumbo - oohhh how I love the jumbo hexes).  All those glitters are suspended in a milky blue grey base.

This is two coats of Mysterious Ways layered of Mode Blue Steel. Ulta3 Non Chip then Seche Vite.  This one wasn't very lumpy at all, and didn't need glitter tamer.

I loved how some of the silver glitters really caught the light, yet some of the others were much more neutral in colour and toned down.  It makes the polish so much more interesting.

Even at just two coats this polish has so much depth to it.  See how some of the hexes in the first layer look deep beneath the milky finish.  And look at the ginormous hex, it was the only one I got out for my entire mani though.

I've had the pleasure of a public holiday today. Yay for Canberra Day, our fair city turned 99 years old today.   Back to work tomorrow, so off to bed now.


  1. Nice, mysterious ways is one of my favourite Lynn's

    We had a public holiday here today too for Adelaide cup

  2. Love this kinda dusky blue/silver! so gorgeous! And how lovely was a holiday?! It was so nice relaxing in the sun today for 8 hour day public holiday. Can't wait to see all the nail art entries!

  3. W O W! Another beauty. I love that a dusky colour is made super cool with the infamous Lynnderella glitter!!

    Can't wait to see the entries, although I'm embarrassed about mine, I'm SO bad at nail art!!

  4. Mysterious Ways is like my only Lynn lemming. SO GORGEOUS. Hope my wishlist for it gets fulfilled with it getting discontinued and all!

  5. Yeah we had Labour Day here in Melbourne. We truly are a nation of public holidays. I love how milky the polish is.

  6. Oh, I love this one! Unfortunately, I didn't discover it until after I'd put in my wish list with Llarowe, and right about the time Lynnderella announced it's discontinuance, so I couldn't add it. Argh!

  7. This is really pretty!

  8. Wow I'm surprised that giant hex glitter doesn't stick out. This is gorgeous!
    I can't wait to see all the entries either! :)

  9. 2 coats... OMG I love it!! Such a unique purple, almost murky :)

  10. This is stunning, and arguably the Lynnderella I'm lemming the most. Definitely proof you don't have to be flashy in order to be lovely!

  11. That's absolutely gorgeous!! I never thought I'd like all the milky glitter polishes but I'm becoming a little obsessed with them. lol


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