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Nail art challenge entries 1-30

I'm so incredibly excited to bring you the first 30 entries in the nail art challenge.

The diversity of entries is really amazing.  I received entries from all over the the world, USA, Canada, the UK, France, Poland, Isreal, Brazil, the Philippines, Singapore, India (and other countries I can't think of off the top of my head) and of course Australia.  There were exactly 30 Aussie entries (way to go girls!) who will go in the draw for the Aussie entries. The remaining 62 international entries will be in the draw for the international winner. Lastly, there will be a judges winner.

Now it's not just different countries that make the entries diverse, I received an entry each from a mum and her 10 year old daughter that had just started to konad stamp.  I also got an entry from a guy who did his nails up in an effort to boost his partners chance of winning some Lynnderellas!

There was also a very diverse range of skill, with some entrants telling me they had never attempted nail art to others that look like they are professionals with really quite incredible artworks!  I'm so inspired by everyone who gave it a go. Well done.

Now a note on all the photos. If your photo has been cropped, please remember that the judges have access to the full sized version.  I tried to put together the photos so they best presented your beautiful work. I've put these together with only thumbnails displaying, when you hover or click, you will see the larger version.

I'm sorry, but I just don't have it in me to type up all the descriptions of everyone's nail art. Personally, I don't think they need it, they are all very clear as to what the inspiration is. And remember, the judges have full access to the nart art work descriptions.

If there were two photos, the first is of the nail art, the second is of the inspiration. Where the nail art photo included the inspiration, then there is only one photo.

I know there will be mistakes in people's names, or I've missed links to blogs and what have you. I've tried my best but the response was just overwhelming.

Please enjoy the first thirty entries.

Viktorija -
Elizabeth -
Kristy C -
Angie -
Karen -
Sarah -
Tricia -
Kristy W -
Bec -
Ev -
Kate -
Jme -
Samantha -
I hope to have the next 30 enteries up tomorrow. Please leave some comments to congratulate these ladies for their awesome work, and also let me know which ones you like best.

Judging for the winning nail art, and the two random drawings will occur this weekend.


  1. Those are some amazing nails. I'm rather awe inspired!

  2. Wow! So many gorgeous entries - I think it's pretty cool that having an "inspired by" competition will end up with the entries inspiring even more nail art! =D

    Also, sorry to be a bother!! But my entry has been linked to the wrong blog (it's actually

    1. Thanks Ev, I knew I would mess up names/blogs somewhere. Yours is fixed, now I just need to find whos blog I didn't link to.

  3. They are all so beautiful! The nail arts by Tricia is absolutley mind blowing!

  4. wow these are stunning. You are going to have a tough time judging :)

  5. These are amazing! Such a variety of different inspiration. I don't know how you and the other judges are going to choose the winner. I can't wait to see the other entries! :)

  6. Amazing entries!

    I think my favourites are the navy/gold/white nails by Karen and Miranda's green dots. So adorable!

  7. wow these are amazing! Well done everyone! =)

  8. These are all so wonderful, love how the inspiration translates onto the nail. I really like Samantha's poppies, so colourful.

    Thanks again for this comp, it was really fun to get out of my nail comfort zone, even though I still think my entry is BAD!! :)

    Looking forward to tomorrow's entries!

  9. WOW look at all those pretties! and I'm with you Lauren my entry was way out of my comfort zone and didn't last the day.
    I love Sarah's wisteria nails.
    And I'm looking forward to seeing all the other entries.

  10. Great work everyone, looking forward to the rest

  11. YAY thanks for including me in this one! wow such beautiful designs i can't wait to see the rest
    also ev's stained glass one is just jaw dropping!
    btw i think i forgot to include my blog link it's

  12. Hahahaha The System of A Down nails are aweeessssomee! Great band!

  13. Aha, I actually hid my face in embarrassment upon seeing my geeky Spider-man entry up there with everyone else's beautiful manis. I'm so envious of all the talents here. There are some really cute or cool manis here!

    1. Your Spiderman entry is awesome!!! Very detailed! Haha but I know how you feel, I hid my face in embarrassment upon seeing my simple dot mani! (I'm Miranda) Some of these are so complex, including yours! But I really love them all, I pity those judges, this'll be a hard decision!

  14. I am in love with Kittenpillar's and Eve's designs! They are all beautiful!

  15. Wow wow wow! Well done girls!

    I'd like to pick Angela's because the design is so elegant to me and Jme's because I'm a comic book geek and those look so awesome! I'd love to copy both designs, I'm so inspired!

  16. Ladies, INCREDIBLE work!! Amazing, really, congratulations on great, great work. My favourite is from Angela, I love the red touch to it, it's done amazingly, on gorgeous nails. My second favourte it Miranda's, very cute in its simplictiy.

  17. Jaw dropping and inspiring work from everyone. The time involved in some of those mani's is truly boggling. They are all special in their own right and will certainly create a headache for the judges. Congratulations to this first display of entries.

  18. Omg, so much inspiration! :)

  19. Ooooh, my favorite's are the sea turtles and the Spiderman nails :)

  20. SO AMAZING!!!! I can't believe that some of these are done with nail polish and a brush! I think I need to practice my brush skills! My favourite so far (and I had to debate a lot with myself to decide on just one) would have to be Ev's stained glass. They're so amazingly gorgeous!

    This was such a great competition Cathy!

  21. Loving them all, But.... The tenth ones my favorite. It's wicked! ^-~


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