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Nail Art Challenge - Judges top eight and random winner

Yes, this is the post that announces winners, well actually only one - Sorry, you'll have to come back tomorrow for the others.

First up is the list of finalists. We ended up choosing eight to go into a drawer to win prize one - Lynnderella's She Lived in a Swamp, Happy HoloDaze! and Gotta Love Brains.

I know I really don't need to say this but, there were a lot of excellent entries that I would love to single out for the creativity and skill but when I counted them up, there were at least another twenty that I would be doing that for, and that's on top of these here.

Please don't be disappointed if your nail art isn't here. You all did a great job, but we had to cut it down somehow. Some, even though not in the top eight, have really inspired me to create myself, so keep a lookout for those upcoming manis.

Next time I think I'm just doing all random draws cause it's just too hard to pick.

So here are our top eight, in no particular order.

And the winner, just chosen right then by is...











Congratulations Ev, please email me within 24 hours, or I'm going to randomly select another winner from the top eight.

Ladies in the top eight, congratulations - you all did exceptionally amazing, awesome and beautiful work. And you will all still be placed into either the Aussie or International random draw.

I'm gonna make you sweat on it another day to do the two random draws - because a) I've gotta wait to see if Ev contacts me in 24 hours, b) I'm just not organised enough tonight and c) this post is already long enough.

Finally, there was one special piece of nail art that we didn't put into the top eight, but we all decided deserves a prize. Any guy that makes an effort to do nail art in an effort to win his girlfriend some Lynnderella nail polish, deserves something. In this case, Andrew stuck fake model railway turf onto his nails and photographed it, thus making evidence which will allow his friends to give him endless amounts of crap forever. But Andrew, you can tell them it was all worth it, cause I have an extra spare bottle of a Lynnderella polish that I'm sending you.


  1. Congrats to the top 8! I heartily concur with all of those being excellent! My favourite few are up there.
    And yay for Ev! and yay for lawnfingerman! ♥

  2. I must say I was so excited to see my design come up first when I loaded this page, these entries are all fantastic and while I'm a little bummed fate didn't pick me, Ev's were my favorite design of all the entries in the competition, a well deserved winner :) Angela

  3. Congrats Ev. <3
    I'm very proud that I'm in top 8 <3 even if my name is spelled wrong^^

  4. These are amazing! I'm stunned!

  5. These are all wonderful! And that bf is a keeper lol.

  6. Congrats Ev and Andrew :)
    Must admit I'm totally stunned to see mine here.
    Now will Andrew be posting swatches of his Lynnderella to show us?

    1. OMG. Your TARDIS nails are FANTASTIC! What fabric is that? And how did you do the design? Love it. =)

  7. Omg omg!! I hope this posts right from my phone, but thank you so much! Thank you Cathy and thank you everyone who liked my entry! Every single entry up there is so gorgeous and I'm so honoured to be part of it (especially together with my wonderful blogbuddy Jme!).

  8. Wow im thrilled to be among these crazy awesome entries! And congrats to Ev!


    And I just wanted to say...I just wanted to say that I'm grateful to Andrew Garfield's arse, for getting the Spider-man mani into the top eight. *wipes tear* This is a moving moment... :P

    Also, congrats to Andrew too! It was a really sweet and interesting thing he did!

  10. There really were a lot of great art in this contest. I don't know how you picked!

  11. congrats ev!! your mani is really gorgeous - do you happen to have a tutorial for this nail art? :D

    all the other manis are awesome too! glad to see the red cabbage and blue frogs in the top 8 :p goes to show that nail art can be inspired by anything, really!!

    and yes, i agree with rebecca - i'd love to see andrew's swatches of the lynnderella too :p but without any grass sticking around, this time!

    1. Hiya unknown! I'm glad you like it! I put up a breakdown of my entry with process photos on my blog ( last week if that helps! =)

  12. All of these Manis are amazing!

  13. Congrats to the winner!! I love the Spiderman nails though!!

    1. That's an absolute delight to hear! :D

  14. So glad to see most of my favourites in this top 8! :) Congratulations Ev!!

  15. congrats to the top eight. i really do wish i will be as good as you guys some day!!! i loved ALL the nails!!!

  16. Congratulations to the winner and to everyone who participated.
    Kitties and her judges must have had a terrible time sorting through so much talent and inspiration. Not just these top 8 but all those others. The entire competition has been a showcase of creativity.

  17. I really liked Ev's mani. I'm happy she won. :)

    I'm flattered that mine was even in the top 8. It was really fun to do, so thank you!

  18. Nicole here, Andrew's girlfriend.
    He's a good boy! I got sick and couldn't muster up the energy to make some nail art - little did I know my lovely boy was slaving away with a tub of fake grass and OPI Greenwich Village he stole off me for undies.
    His reward - I'll give him a full Lynn mani. I'm sure he'll be so pleased. =P

    Thanks so much Cathy! This competition has been super fun to watch and even better now that I'm getting an exciting prize!

  19. Fantastic work by all the ladies and congrats to the finalists - such a tough choice!!

  20. Congrats guys !! Very nice designs.
    Nails & Pets

  21. Omg is that a tardis stamp or free hand? Can we get some info on that?


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