Saturday, March 24, 2012

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Lynnderella - Heart Strings

I have a super special Lynnderella to show today.  This is Heart Strings, which was gifted by Lynnderella and made it's way to me thanks to the lovely Kristy from the Polish Haven. Thank you both!

Heart Strings is a light pink jelly base, with both pale pink and red metallic bar glitter and small pale pink hexes.  Bar glitter can be a little tricky to apply, cause it likes to sit sideways and curl upwards.  So I find the best solution is, after you have applied the second coat, wait until it is touch try, but still squishy, then press down any bits that stick up and smoosh them into the soft lacquer.  Also, if there are any string bits that hang past the tip of your nail, either pull then off or push the back so they aren't to close to the tip.

I also noticed a few rouge pieces of glitter on my nail that came out of this bottle, but I don't know if they are part of the polish or just special bits of love that accidentally make their way in.  The ones I'm specifically talking about are the large red square and purple square that are both on my pinky, and the small red square on my ring finger. Hummmmm?!?

This was two coats of Heart Strings layered over one coat of Revlon Rose Chrome (a rather ancient pre-2000 chrome polish).  I used three layers of top coat, just to make sure there were no string bits sitting up.

Here is a bonus picture of Revlon Rose Chrome, one coat on its own.

I don't wear pink polish very often, but this one really caught me by surprise.  The layering combo was perfect for me, I never thought a chrome under the glitter would have looked so awesome.  I'm looking forward to wearing this combo again.


  1. Wow I love that polish! Gorgeous. Kind of makes me think of an iced donut with sprinkles! Haha YUM

    1. ummmmm donuts! That is the perfect description.

  2. Yeah it does make you think of Iced Donuts with sprinkles xoCATox! Great comparison! I think these are great polishes, thanks for sharing the awesome pics! :D

    1. Thanks and I have to say this one really was better in person.

  3. How do you purchase Lynnderella? I am obsessed with nail polish and everytime I try to get on her blog it says you have to be allowed....How do I get my hands on her polish...She is so creative and the polishes are absolutely beautiful I just wish I could purchase one!!!


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