Saturday, March 1, 2014

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Graffiti art with Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coats

I bought the blue and white Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat last year some time and had never worn it. I recently was sent two more of the fuzzy coats, the yellow and orange one and the black and white one.  With the addition of these polishes to my collection I figured it was about time I pulled them out and put them on.

Then of course I was completely stuck as to how to wear them.  I started out with a coat of the blue and white one called Tight Knit on my index finger. Hmmm that still didn't lead me to any inspiration, so then I layered a coat of the black and white one called Tweedy... starting to feel something coming up, I then layered some yellow and orange Peach Fuzz.  It looked really cool.  I then did one final coat that was a bit of a dabbed effort of all these polishes to try and ensure that one colour wasn't too prominent.

What really struck me about the combo was how it looks like a scribbled mess or graffiti.  To compliment it I did some stamped spatters on the other fingers in complementary colours.

This mani got quite a few comments, particularly the fuzzy coats. People were quite intrigued that it was glitter polish creating the effect.


  1. lovely mani :))

  2. I am not convinced about barglitter yet :)

  3. Lovely, especially the splatter!

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  4. Not a fan of bar glitter, but this mani is too cute! I may have to change my mind.

  5. Like the splatter stamping and colors ; the bar glitter - no!

  6. I love it when my husband is as equally impressed by a manicure as I am. This looks so good!


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