Sunday, February 1, 2015

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JOSS Bold Collection

It's been a while since is did a good ol' swatch post, so today I have one with a newish collection of colours from Aussie boutique brand JOSS.

This collection has six shimmery bold and bright colours that are perfect on their own or for use in nail art.  The pigmentation on them all is great, and they are all easy two coaters.  The shimmer particles are amazing in these and create a very metallic finish without leaving brush strokes.  The remind me of the Kleancolour Metallics, except minus the nasty smell and without the staining.

Boldest Blue
-a bright metallic medium blue.  Wow look at that colour.  It really looks like the saturation is turned up on this, but seriously this is exactly how it looks in real life, it just glows.

Chrissie's Brass - A rusty orangy red metallic shimmer, such a wonderful unique colour. The shimmer is quite gold against the dark orange base.

Forest Moon - Dark green shimmery metallic with slight teal duochrome look at the edges.

More Nail Gold - WOW check this out.  This gold is amazing.  I think it will be incredible in nail art too.  Although he never told me, I suspect that Ray, the creator of JOSS polish, named this one after my blog, knowing my extreme love for gold polishes.  Ray, I love it.  Just look at it GLOW!

Purple Vixen - a dark purple base packed with blue metallic shimmer, this one also has a soft duocrhome shimmer because of the different base and shimmer colours.  This is just the sort of blurple shade I love.

Summer Swimsuit - pinks aren't usually my colour but the metallic appearance of this one, and the blueish shimmery glows means I can't help but love it.

JOSS Boutique lacquers are available from the Nail Super Store for $6.95AUD - an amazing price for polishes of this quality.  The nail Super Store is also where you can also buy all your polish making needs from bottles to suspension base and quite possibly the best nail polish tinters in the world.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. Ohhhhh... gorgeous!!
    But... no international shipping as far as I could see :(

  2. Absolutely stunning! I might have to grab some. I'm so impressed with their polishes I got from your giveaway about a year ago. I also thought when I looked at the name of the gold one, that Ray must have named after your blog :D How nice <3

  3. Stunning collection :-) I do like this sorta finish too :-)

  4. stunning and blinding...just what I need for this summer...hope llarowe gets them!


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