Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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Enchanted Polish - Austin Powers over Black

I am way behind in my photo editing for my blog.  Seriously!  Not that I even edit my photos much, all I do is browse the 100+ photos of each mani to choose a photo at various angles, copy the photo into my template with the watermark, resize it and save it.  But when you have to do that with a bunch of polishes it just takes a while.  And it's actually kinda boring.  The fun part is doing my nails, less fun is writing up about them, least fun is editing the photos!  Especially when you are using a computer all day at work and then you come home and sit at the computer again for a few hours doing your blog.  Blah, I don't like reading blogs when people complain, so I really shouldn't do it myself.

Anyway, I'm pulling out a few manis from my older drafts folder.  This one is Enchanted Polish Austin Powers worn over a black base.  This is one coat of Austin Powers, and it looks quite spectacular in bright light, less so in the shade.


  1. Yikes! Sadly holos are not pretty in the shade for the most part. If only they could create shade lovin holos!

  2. Oh my gosh this polish is spectacular! I'm in love!!! Thanks for the swatches and for the editing ;) I'm with you on that one girl, resizing, watermarking, and editing is the most boring part. However, I love all of your photos, so all the effort and time you put into it is worth it. Thanks for the beautiful swatches :)

  3. This is a gorgeous polish and it looks amazing over the black :-D


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