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OMG Nail Polish Strips Party Pack Giveaway

I have previously done a review on OMG nail polish strips and also shown a wear test with a comparison to other nail polish strip brands.  I have three more swatches to show you today and also a chance to win an amazing 10 Guest Nail Polish Strip Party Pack valued at $50.

Before I get into the swatches, let me tell you about the Nail Party Packs.  

The idea is that you arrange your own OMGnail party, you decide how many people to invite and select a package based on your expected turnout.  You get to choose the designs you want and the packages comes with a nail file and orange stick for each guest, as well as invitations, a catalog and order forms. 

Unlike some other nail polish strip party's where guests get to have a one finger trial of a strip, each guest will get a full set of strips to apply for a complete mani.  At the end of the party, your guests can place their orders with you for which nail strip designs they want to order and you do all the orders through the OMG nail polish strips website using your custom 50% off coupon code.  You can actually charge what ever you like for the strips at your party - leaving it up to you how much markup you want to put on top of your wholesale price.  Then all your strips are shipped out to you (with fee postage!) to then distribute to those at your party.

You are able to purchase Party Packs through the OMG nail polish strips website.  The 10 guest party pack is $49.99 and the 15 guest pack party is $74.99.

Now let's have a look at the three designs I tried out.  Once again, the quality of the strips is great, I really like them.  If you mess up placing the strip on your nail they are strong enough for you to carefully lift it up and put it down again.  They also wear really well and you can get a full week of wear out of them - as can be seen in my wear test.

Blue Bubbles

Jelly Bean


I played with the Lizard design by adding some chevron stamping.  I love how it completely changes the look of the whole mani.

Would you like to hold your own OMG Nail Strips party with your girlfriends at absolutely no cost? If so, then enter my giveaway for a chance to win a 10 guest party pack of OMG nail strips.

To enter, I just want to know which is your favourite nail polish strip design.  The prize will be shipped directly from OMG Nail Strips.  See Rafflecopter widget for full conditions.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Nail strips provided for review. Giveaway sponsored by OMG Nail Strips


  1. Hi! I live in the USA and I was wondering if I can enter this contest or if it is only for Australia? Thanks!
    p.s. I love your blog!

  2. The Lizard ones are just cool. I thought the first two were then I scrolled down! :-)


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