Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Stamped foil roses

It's only a couple of day's out from Valentine's Day, and while it isn't a big deal for me, I actually got in the mood to do some Valentine's themed nails. 

Red roses have always been romantic to me, they are the sort of flower that my husband always bought me when we were dating, what I carried down the isle when I was married and what he still gets me on our wedding anniversary.

I used stamping plate SA-13 to stamp the red roses, then I quickly pressed red nail foil onto the stamped flower.  I used a little trick that I saw on a Messy Mansion video that says to quickly wipe the film off the back of the foil and then it will adhere to the stamp much better.  Let me tell you it really works.  I then painted the green squiggly lines using Hit the bottle polish in The Green Fairy.

The base polish is also something I hadn't worn yet and I absolutely love it.  It's JOSS Oh So Shimmer Pink.  It's a perfect neutral shade on me with a pretty soft pink shimmer.


  1. This looks amazing. I'm loving the foil effect roses :-D

    I keep thinking I should do something nail related for Valentines Day!

  2. Love how you photograph several angles of your nails. It's always good to see it different ways! They look beautiful :)

  3. Beautiful. It's simple but the polishes you used make it so eye-catching (I love the story behind the roses too :) )

  4. This is soooooo perfect that I'm copying it simply beautiful

  5. I don't quite understand how you did the foil roses, but it's beautiful! :)


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