Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Picture Polish - Dragonfly

I took my dear old kitty Nahla to the vet this morning.  The silly old girl insists on laying in the blazing sun in our cat run all day - in 30 degree heat, and she's made herself dehydrated!  She is about 16 years old, and the vet told us what we have suspected for a few years, that her kidney's are shot.  They want to see her again each morning for a few days so they can give her some fluid, and they also pulled out a bad tooth today - so hopefully with the tooth out and the extra liquid she might be feeling a bit better.  I can't bear to think about life without her.  I shall be cuddling her extra tight tonight.

Onto my nails for today, which is Picture Polish Dragonfly.

No surprise here, I did dragonfly stamping on a polish called Dragonfly!  I wish my inspiration juices were flowing a little better, but I just wasn't able to go past the dragonflies.

The dragonflies are from the Messy Mansion 'bug' plate - MM17 and I stamped using Mundo de Unas copper.

Dragonfly is a collaboration with Lucy's Stash. Lucy's blog is one that I'm sure I don't need to introduce you to, she has incredible nails, fantastic photography and is a blog that has been in my must read list for as long as I have been blogging - especially as we both started around the same time nearly 5 years ago!

Dragonfly is a deep teal green with bijou holo finish.  My camera can't help but turn this blue, but it is most definitely green.  The formula is smooth and easy to apply and it's opaque at two coats.

Picture Polish Dragonfly is available from Picture Polish. International ladies may be able purchase through one of the many Network stockists if they have this in stock.


  1. Wow that's beautiful! I hope your cat feels better too! :)

  2. Hope Nahla feels better soon. I couldn't handle 30 degrees! I really struggle during Scottish summers and we only get to a max of about 24 degrees! Give her a big cuddle from me too :-D

    Wow this sure is a stunning polish and I love your gold stamping :-)

  3. I hate real dragonflies, but these are gorgeous on your nails :)


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