Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Lacquistry - Soulstice

Man, I didn't post for two days! What's up with that?  I tell you whats up.  Work!  I've just been so damn busy over this last week getting ready for another website launch for the Government department that I work for that I just have been too exhausted to post at night.  On Friday I was at work by 5.45am, and left 11 hours later, wiped out.  But everything went smoothly and the site has been really well received.

You know that I've been busy when I haven't even had a chance to photograph my nails, and I have to resort to taking them in my office.  At least the bright fluro lighting makes the polish sparkle!

This is another new polish from Lacquistry - it's a bright and vibrant blue version of Amazeballz - so Blueballz if you will, although the official name is Soulstice.  Just like REDicilous and Amazeballz extra fine, this baby is a one coater. One simple amazing coat!

I also bought some of those metallic tattoos recently from a few different brands (Snaptats and FlashTats), and this is the first mani that I tried them out on.  I didn't put top coat on as I didn't want it to wrinkle up the tattoos,  and as a result, by the end of the work day there were a few areas that had rubbed off.  But I felt they did actually stand up to not having top coat to protect them very well.  I originally had some tattoos on my fingers too, but by the time I took these photos at work they had all worn off.  I blame moisturizer and hand washing for that.


  1. I've got to add to my Laquistry polishes, have original Amazeballz and some random grab bag polishes, need this blue and maybe even the red?

  2. Nice blue and I love the gold combo :-D


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