Saturday, February 7, 2015

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Amazeballz and Eternity Dragon

So yesterday I was feeling tired and wiped out,right.  Well guess who woke up with a runny and blocked nose and sore throat!  Yep.  The kids started back at school this week after summer holidays and both came home on Thursday with something, which they have kindly passed onto me.  Damn it I hate how school is such a breeding place for nasties!

I'm pulling this mani out of the vault from when I wore it late last year.  It's actually a combo I spotted on my mum nails and had to ask immediately what she was wearing.  It was Lacquistry Amazeballz extra fine with a single layer of Glam polish Mulitchrome flakie Eternity Dragon.  

The warm golden tone of Eternity Dragon warms up the whole feel of this golden mani, but without making it brassy looking.  Fantastic combo Mum!

I just love this combo, and it's like a sparkly version of our house brick!  Oh, imagine if these were reversed and our house had sparkly amazeballz bricks!

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  1. That sucks, I hope you feel better soon. My husband is just recovering for a cold. Thank goodness he didn't pass it to me!

    It is a great combo and looks really good - I like it :-D


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