Thursday, February 19, 2015

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Lacquistry - Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year - The year of the goat.  I have the perfect polish for the occasion.  Lacquistry Chinese New Year. 

Chinese New Year is a bright vibrant true red, slightly blue-based version of Amazeballz original.  The gold particle size is larger in this polish compared to Rediculious, which leans pink and has the extra fine gold pigment.  I have a comparison photo of the two polishes below.  Plus once again it's an amazing one coater.

I did a mani very similar to this one just over two years ago, and considering I had this amazing red polish, I thought I would do it again for the Lunar New Year.  I'm not sure what the characters are on my ring finger this year, but according to some assistance I received from purplecatsclaws two years ago, the other fingers mean:
  • Index is something like "enjoy the good luck and prosperity that you desire".  
  • Middle finger is something like "fortune and prosperity have arrived. (the character is placed upside down, and the word for upside down in chinese are homophones with the word for 'arrived/ here')"
  • Pinky - whoops - I did this one upside down too, but I think it's say's green if I had it the right way up.
I'm still not very good with getting even framed nails, and I'm not sure that I actually like framed nails on me because my nails have such a strong C curve and you can't even see the frame along the sides of my nails.

Here is the comparison of Laquistry Rediculous on the left and Chinese New Year on the right.


  1. What a gorgeous mani for Chinese New Year! I love it :-D

  2. Looks super cool! <3 Love those colours. Pinkie which says '青' means 'blue' by the way :)

  3. Beautiful! I love that manicure.


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