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Dance Legend Aquarelle top coats

Yesterday I showed a little bit of nail art created using some of the Dance Legend Aquarelle top coats.  Today I have a review of those top coat polishes and some swatches of each colour.

The Aquarelle top coats only come in the small Dance Legend bottles (6.5ml), the same size ones that the Multichromes come in, but quite honestly, that is the only negative that I can find for these amazing little bottles of glassy liquid colour.

The three big reasons that I love these so much are:
  1. the pigmentation
  2. the transparency
  3. the formula
I know it sounds like the first two things are the opposite of each other, so let me explain further.  

I never purchased the OPI sheer tints after reading from all you lovely ladies about how thick they formula is, which makes using them for things like lead-light stamping more difficult.  I have tried our Aussie alternative, the Ulta3 watercolours.  The formula on those was much better, but they were very sheer, and you needed several coats to build up some colour so you could actually see them.

The pigmentation on these Dance Legend Aquarelle top coats is fantastic.  All my swatches here show only one coat over a white base.  But while they are pigmented, that doesn't mean they are opaque.  They are all still 100% transparent and would never build to opacity.  This makes them perfect for lead lighting and colouring in nail art.  Finally, the formula is perfect.  They aren't thick or thin, and are so easy to apply as a top coat, or to use for nail art.

Lets look at each of the colours and see how they compare.

Sisley on the index, Gauguin on the ring and Rafael on the pinky.  All these three were amazing.  One coat and they were smooth and level on the nail. 

Levitan on the index, Dali on the ring and Tiziano on the pinky.  Again, three perfect polishes that you could just wear as one coat over white.  All three of these are neon.

Chagall on the index, Picasso on the ring and Matisse on the pinky. The colour of Chagall is amazing, however it's the only one that applied a streaky at one coat on the nail for me.  Picasso was also a little more streaky compared to the others too.  This however doesn't effect their awesomeness for nail art.

Malewicz on the index, Monet on the ring and Botticelli on the pinky. Malewicz was the least pigmented of all the polishes.  Monet was also slightly less pigmented, but not as sheer as Malewicz.  Botticelli was a little streaky at one coat over white, similar to Picasso.

As I have already said.  I love this little collection of 12 colours!  I love that their names are all famous artists, it just inspires me to create nail art with these colours based of the artists style.

Dance Legend polishes are available from a number of stockist worldwide, but collections stocked will vary.  You can purchase directly from the Russian Dance Legend website.  There are however two websites one at and one at I'm not sure what the differences are between the sites except that you can purchase from the first one in Rubles and the prices are cheaper.  The second site doesn't seem to be open at the moment for sales.

Polishes provided for review.


  1. I actually won OPIs sheer tints in a giveaway but have never gotten around to actually use them. These look really interesting :)

  2. Perfect swatches and nail art! :)

  3. Great photos and color combos! I had decided to pass on these but now I must have the first 6!

  4. You are totally tempting me to get some of these colours! your nail creations are fantastic!

  5. Great swatches! I franken my own using alcohol inks but I'm lacking some colour variations, so might have to grab few of those. I believe the first site is for Russian and wholesale customers, and the second one is for international.

  6. I've got the OPI Tints but never used them yet! These look really good. You've tempted me now :-)

  7. I've just spent ages deciding on my polishes but I can't seem to check out (I'm using the Russian site). How did you manage it?


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