Sunday, May 10, 2015

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Twinsy Frozen nails for a Frozen party

It feels like every weekend I'm dragged along to another kids birthday party.  At my kids age they haven't yet found that close knit group of 5-8 friends, instead when it's party time, every kid from the class is invited.  This means that we go to a lot of party's!

One we went to last week was a Frozen themed party of one of my Daughter's class mates.  For the occasion, I did my little ones nails, and then did matching nails on myself.

My base is Lacquistry Soulstice, I then have a layer of Kester Black Milky Way, which is a fine silver holo.  I then stamped some snowflakes and a castle using Mundo de Unas white polish.

Here are our matching nails.  She is getting better and not picking at her nails, and these stayed on for about a week - albeit with some major tip wear.

Here is my baby Elsa, who had her Elsa dress on, her hair in a sideways braid and the sparkling tiara.  She was very happy with her handy work making a marshmallow Olaf, until she ate him.


  1. I really like the way your manicure turned out and it looks so cute on your daughter's nails, too :)

  2. Perfect for the occasion. She looks gorgeous too! :)

  3. Lol, happy with her Olaf, until she ate him. So funny!
    Wow her nails look awesome! Well done

  4. Great job with both of your manis! I bet she was so proud of it! Both are so lovely.

  5. Such a pretty nails. I love the theme they go with; such a fun movie =)


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