Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Rainbow watermarble with Dance Legend Enamel Glass

I promised you some nail art using the Dance Legend Enamel Glass polishes, and here it is. These polishes work amazing for watermarbles!  The colours are so bright and pigmented, and when layered over a white base, they look incredible.

Be sure to check out my instagram account over the next 12 hours for a short video on this one.

Dance Legend Enamel Glass are $7.00 available at Dance Legend PR reps have advised that the Dance Legend shop will be back in May.  Llarowe also stocks Dance Legend polishes and ships internationally.
You can also follow Dance Legend on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Psychedelic marbling. Groovy baby.

  2. Your water marbleing is amazing, always beautiful patterns and colours. I've tried, I've watched so many tutorials
    and my attempts are always failures. I've read and watched all sorts of things about how the water should be body temperature, bottled water that hasn't ever been refrigerated. Is this really the case? I have tried both bottle and tap water, different sized containers thinking the surface area might be the problem. I will look around here as I'm sure I have read posts on your techniques, but if you have any tips about the things I have mentioned, I would really appreciate it. TIA Kitty's. xoxo Jo

  3. I just found you post and the previous video you did. That's the problem I am having, either the polish wont spread our, or, if it does, it clumps together when I try to make the pattern. Could you tell me what water temperature and type of water worked for you? I will also watch Simple Little Pleasures videos.

  4. Gorgeous marble, I love it :-D

  5. Damn that looks awesome! Now I feel like I really need these lolol lord save me!


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