Friday, May 8, 2015

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Scratch Nail Wraps - Strawberry Fields

For once my nails weren't looking too yellow for me to be able to wear this lovely transparent strawberry nail wraps from Scratch Nail Wraps.

I've previously sampled the Pisces wraps from the Zodiac Collection. These ones were just as easy to apply but have a totally different effect due to the fact that they feature a lot of negative space.  Negative space in nail terms basically just means parts of the bare nail show through where only clear polish is on the nail.

This set of wraps comes with three designs across 16 individual nail wraps. There are small strawberries, a single large strawberry and colour blocking with two shades of green.  The colours were vibrant and clear and they wore well.  They are sturdy to apply, meaning you can lift them and reposition them, yet they are thin and flexible.  They stuck really well to the nail, but were easy to remove with polish remover.  All in all, I really liked this sweet and fresh design.  My only gripe is that I prefer my design facing the other way around.  I did turn around the large strawberry by cutting the other end of the wrap to fit my cuticle, and I could have done that with the small strawberry design too, but it is a little fiddly to get the curve right.

Scratch Nail Wraps are available from their store. Follow them on Facebook for announcements and offers.

Wraps provided for consideration.

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