Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Game of Thrones Nail art featuring Colors by Llarowe Mine is Nine

Tuesday night at our place is Game of Thrones night.  We record it on Foxtel iQ when it's live from the USA on Monday morning, but we never get a chance to watch it until Tuesday nights.  

I was inspired by some images on my MJ XXV plate, which had the Game of Thrones text and the Stark dire wolf.  On my index and pinky I used some gears designs off Bundle Monster 415, I chose these designs because they reminded me of the shows intro with all the cities building with gear winding the upwards etc.  On my thumb I stamped a dragon from Messy Mansion MM21.

My base polish is Picture Polish Nougat and the flakie polish on top is Colors by Llarowe Mine is Nine, which is sponged on.

I really love the combo of Mine is Nine layered over Nougat, as once again it shows it more like it looks in the bottle.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. I've never watched but. But I do like that mani :-D

  2. I always thought that flakies might not look good over a lighter base, but this is gorgeous! I'll have to try something similar soon :-)

  3. Love it! Knew right away why you had the gears on there :-)

  4. Mine is Nine looks great over that base!


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