Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Ulta3 Autumn/Winter Textured Metallic Collection

I hadn't really heard much about the Autumn/Winter Collection from Ulta3 and then all of a sudden I saw five new polishes at my local chemist.

In the bottles they looked glittery and gorgeous with ultra fine micro glitters, but what surprised me most was when I applied the first one and found out they were a set of textured polishes.  

So, textures really are a bit last year in my opinion, but then again, here in Australia we always get last seasons fashion half a year late, so I guess this is right on time for a regular Australian commercial brand.  Of course Aussie indie brands are way more progressive and keep up with the popular trends right as they happen.

So despite me feeling like these have already be done, they are actually really nice.  They are all opaque in two coats, aren't thick and gloopy and dry to a sparkly textured finish that isn't too rough and dry time is pretty good for a textured polish.  

Although I do worry that there is nothing written on these bottles to explain to nuggles that they are meant to be left textured.  I know one lady at work saw my nails wearing one of these polishes and said, 'oh, so you are meant to leave them all rough like that'.  I can just see nuggles getting all annoyed at having to apply 3 layers of top coat to get them to look smooth.

Ok, lets get onto the swatches.

24 carat gold.  A warm gold textured polish with both silver and gold micor glitters.

Black Quartz - a black textured polish with silver micro glitters.

From the mine. a warm copper textured polish with gold and silver micro glitters.

Galaxy. A grey textured based with gold and silver micro glitters.  This one is my favourite of the bunch, a really gorgeous shade and if you only have $2 to spare on one polish, this would be my recommendation.

Moon dust.  Silver micro glitter textured polish.

Ulta3 polishes are available Australia wide from various chemists and pharmacy's.  You can find your nearest stockist by using the Ulta3 stockist locator.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. The silver looks really amazing. I love the bling!

  2. They look wonderful. I love textures :-D

  3. These polishes are amazing, and I've been lucky enough to get 2 of all of them, and 3 of 1 of them. I know people have been having trouble finding them, so when I found them, I grabbed a set, then my hubby bought some home, not realising that I already had them, and then I won another 3 of them in a giveaway competition last week. Love your nails, too. They're awesome.


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