Monday, May 4, 2015

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May the Fourth be with you!

Yeah, I joined the May the Fourth bandwagon and got my Star Wars nail art on!  I seriously love these, it was great to get back into some fun themed nail art, the same sort of stuff I love doing in the 30 Day Challenge in September.

I was inspired by a bunch of different Star Wars nail art designs for these, and if you google image search star wars nail art, you will see what I mean.  However one nail specially, was inspired by a guest post done right here back in 2013.  Full Chewie nails by Rose from Every Little Polish.  The Star Wars stamping image is from plate FUN 11 by Fab Your Nails.  Other than black and white, the polishes used were:

Cirque Gaia - black with gold flakie
OPI Golden Eye - gold
Picture Polish Malt teaser - Brown

The force is strong in this one. My adorable youngling at the shops! Pink Jedi's rule (and yes, they are cat faces all over her pants!)


  1. Cool nail art :-) I'm no really a SW fan though! ;-)

    We went to see the new Avengers film last week - really enjoyed that and the whole series of them plus the tv show as well :-D

  2. These are SO cool! Great job :)


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