Saturday, May 16, 2015

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Clarins 230 over Revlon Royal

I need to pull together a bit of work, like real world work tonight, so don't have long to chat here on ye old blog.  But I do have a beauty for you too look at.

Aaarrrrrhhh, there is no more perfect combination that Revlon Royal topped with Clarins 230, the original unicorn pee, most sort after and highly duplicated polish.  I wore this a few weeks back, and if you have these two polish and have never paired them together, then you simply MUST!


  1. It really is the best combo ever...just classic!

  2. It's the perfect combination, I just loved it!!

    Hugs =)

  3. It's really gorgeous and stunning :-D

  4. That gorgeous color shift and shimmer! Stunning!

  5. So pleased to see you combine these two! I have worn Max Factor Fantasy Fire (Looks exactly the same as C230) over Revlon Royal a few times and it is truly mesmerising. Your photos captured it much better than mine though lol

  6. How stunning is this layering!!


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