Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Dance Legend - Enamel Glass Collection

Tonight I have swatches and a review of the entire 12 polish Enamel Glass Collection from Dance Legend.  This collection was released for the Northern Hemisphere Autumn, so it's been around for about 6 months.

All the polishes in this collection are jelly's. At one coat they are quite transparent, although bright and pigmented.  But at three coats they provide full coverage, although still have that squishy jelly look that we all love so much.  At three coats, you can still see through to a visible nail line, although not in an obvious or distracting way.  One coat can look a little streaky. two coats is perfect for nail art and three coats is great to wear them on their own.

These are more opaque than the sheer Aquarelle top coat polishes, and they come in the larger bottle size compared the the mini's of the Aquarelle. 

The colours are all strong and bold and some quite dark and vampy.  The formula is smooth and a nice consistency and they dry quickly, even at three coats. They don't bubble with multiple coats either, which is really important for jelly polishes.

It's an amazing collection that is perfect for nail art (which I will share in another post) but today, let's look at the swatches of each shade.  These swatches are all taken under a lamp indoors.  We've had crap (flooding) rainy weather so I couldn't get any in natural light.

1049 - Bright orange.

1050 - Bright red with orange undertones.

1051 - Cool toned dark red

1052 - Burgundy red.

1053 - Deep crimson.

1054 - Dark brown.

1055 - Dark emerald green. Apologies for photo quality here. I had to use my old camera because my new camera kept adjusting the colour and showing this way too blue.  This is pretty colour accurate for what it looked like on me.

1056 - Teal blue / green.

1057 -  Dark teal that leans navy blue

1058 - Dark purple with pink undertones.

1059 - Purple leaning dark blue.

1060 - Bright royal blue.

Aren't the colors incredible!

Dance Legend Enamel Glass are $7.00 available at Dance Legend PR reps have advised that the Dance Legend shop will be back in May.  Llarowe also stocks Dance Legend polishes and ships internationally.

You can also follow Dance Legend on Facebook and Instagram.

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. Great swatches and pix! Love everything Dance Legend!

  2. They look really good. :-)

    Good news the shop will re-open I've been waiting for that! :-)


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