Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Colors by Llarowe - Allons-y Alonzo

Colors by Llarowe Allons-y Alonzo has an aqua tinted sheer base and is filled with red to copper to green flakes, with touch of multi colored flakie.  The flakie payout is more scattered, so I used a sponge to get a denser coverage of the flakies.

Because the base colour is so sheer, this can be layered over any polish at all, and then you will see the strong red/copper/green flakie colour shift.  I absolutely loved how this one looked in the bottle, and really wanted to try recreate that look. But if I used something too pale for the base colour then the flakies would be hardly noticeable.

I'm really happy with the base I chose, Picture Polish Tingle, as it is a nice matching shade to the base colour of Allons-y Alonzo, but it is a slightly darker shade which means the flakies show up much better.

The stamping images are from Moyou Suki 06 plate and I used black Mundo de Unas polish.

Polish provided for consideration.


  1. I love my bottle of this polish! But you're right, you get much more payoff with a makeup sponge :-) I'll have to try this with a similar base color soon!

  2. Ooh, stamping over flakies! Gorgeous!

  3. The flakies look so gorgeous behind the stamping!

  4. Dang giiirrrlll!! This is SOOOO pretty!!!

  5. Gorgeous polish and I love the mani :-D


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