Friday, December 7, 2012

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Aussie Christmas Challenge - Summer Sunset

This Aussie Christmas Challenge is really challenging me.  Here is my Summer Sunset, and this one isn't my best work either.  Rather than a sunset, it looks like some sort of bush fire gone wrong, which I suppose is very appropriate for an Aussie summer, but I was actually going for the orange glow of the setting sun and the approaching darkness of night at the top.  Oh well, it's called a challenge for a reason, and I'm just glad I'm keeping up so far.

I really wanted to do some stamping on this, but it was already very late and I needed to get to bed last night after a rather late and boozy work Christmas shindig the night before.  

I used a white base then did a sponge gradient using Ulta3 BlueMarlin, Picture Polish Sky, Ulta3 Coral Reed, Ulta3 Tangerine Tango and Ulta 3 Exotic Canary.  My clean up with wobbly and horrible, although I'm pretty sure I was sober by the time I did this! :)


  1. Gorgeous mani! I definitely think it looks like a sunset or a sunrise? Either way, I like that it looks different from the other ones I've been seeing. Great job! :)


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