Monday, December 10, 2012

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Picture Polish Pastels Spam

Summer is in full swing here in Australia, and I know that pastels are so spring, but I thought I would share the Picture Polish pastel manis I wore during spring.

Given the size of my Picture Polish collection, I also thought I would put together another colour guide.  I've linked it from the left bar as well.  I've still got a number of Picture Polish shades that I haven't worn yet, so I have them as 'coming soon' images.

Honey Dew - a light pastel turquoise creme, more green leaning that Tiffany (shown below)

Mellow Yellow - soft pastel yellow creme.

Sky - pastel blue creme. I've used this a lot in gradient manis which call for a sky blue colour.

Tango - pastel salmon orange creme.

Tiffany - a light pastel version of tiffany blue, bluer that honey dew (above).

Twinkle - pastel pink with blue undertones, with subtle silver shimmer.

I really can't recall if these photos show two or three coats, or whether it was different for each one.  They do all have Seche Vite top coat.  I also recall that the formula on all these was excellent, smooth and easy to apply.  Sometimes pastels can be hit and miss formula wise, but these were all great (even the yellow one).


  1. I love Mellow Yellow, it looks so buttery!

  2. Loving them all so much! Great swatches <3

  3. Lovely swatches of these pretty pastels. I enjoy the way you set up your colour guides with the cross referencing and grouping. A great resource for all polish lovers.

  4. Love them all actually thanks for sharing

  5. These colors are so pretty! Your swatches are perfect!


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