Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Pretty Serious - Golden Ticket

You know what? Sometimes people are just plain awesome! Case and point...

With the recent release of her Christmas Without Snow Collection, Kaz from Pretty Serious included Golden Tickets in the packages of 10 lucky ladies who purchased a polish from the new collection.  I got the whole beautiful collection, but sadly I wasn't one of the lucky few, although I knew a couple of ladies who were. YAY for them!

On our Aussie Nails Facebook group, some of the lucky ladies were sharing their winning tickets, and I made a rather cheeky comment against one of them saying I was going to need to get a decant from someone's bottle!  Low and behold, less than an hour later, I had received an email from one of the ladies offering to send me a decant.  Holy Shit right!  That's just plain awesome, and such a wonderful and generous thing for someone to have done.

So this is a shout out to Alanna, from Pretty Purple Polish. Alanna is the one who very kindly shared her bottle, because she knew how much I loved gold polish!  It arrived in the mail yesterday and I put it on straight away.

Pretty Serious Golden Ticket has a shimmery golden base with gold and holo gold bars and hexes of various sizes.  I used two coats on all my fingers except for these photo nails, where I added a third very thin coat.  I wanted to use this polish very sparingly, as I only have a small amount!  I added two layers of top coat just to make is really smooth and shiny.

Damn holo glitter polishes are soooooooooooo hard to capture in photographs.  This is so much more sparkly in real life!

I have to say that this polish really reminds me of Lynnderella - Be Mining for a heart of gold. They both have the same shimmery base, the same holo gold glitters and both polishes are a very similar colour.  The only difference is that Be Mining just has more holo gold glitter than Golden Ticket. 

You can see Alanna's photo of the full sized bottle on her blog - plus a photo of the actual Golden Ticket.


  1. What a sweet and generous person to do that for you. The gift of giving is alive and well in her life :) Definitely a lovely gold polish too.

  2. Aww.. That was too sweet of Alanna! I meant to order some from the christmas collection but I kept putting it off and I was sad I missed out on the change to get one of those golden bottles. I just love how awesome the nail community is! looks great on you!

  3. wow that is a magnificent looking polish!!!!


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