Thursday, December 13, 2012

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Aussie Christmas Challenge - BBQ and Ulta3 Citrus

Here are my ugly and sucky BBQ nails for today's Aussie Christmas Challenge.  The base is Kleancolor metallic orange with a glad wrap (saran wrap) design using Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn, Kleancolour Metallic Yellow and Black.  I then did some black lines stamped (very crookedly!).  It's meant to be the glowing coals under the hot grill!

Yeah, lets just move on to some other swatches shall we? Nothing to see up here!

I figured I would show these swatches today given my shitty effort for the challenge.

These are the Ulta3 Citrus polishes.

Tangello - A bright neon orange creme.  This is three coats with Seche Vite.  The formula on this was pretty good.  A nice bright neon that doesn't need to be layered over white.

Here is a quick comparison with Tangelo from last years Summer collection, close but they are not identical.

Atomic OJ - this would be my favourite from this collection.  Its totally unique amongst all my Ulta3s and in my entire collection.  Imagine this colour more neon and less yello - more the colour of orange juice - atomic oj really is the perfect name.  It's like some crazy radioactive orange juice!

Fruit Punch - a pink toned red creme.  I did three coats here just to make sure it was smooth and even.  The formula was ok on this, but not great.

There are a few Ulta3 shades that are similar to this one.  Pink Colada is the closest, but personally way better because it's a one coater.  Coral Reef from the recent Candy Cane is also quite similar at three coats.

Fresh Squeezed - I quite honestly really disliked this one.  This is four coats and it was still streaky and transparent when viewed in the sun.

Here is a comparison of my similar Ulta3 shades.  Fresh Squeezed is at four coats, the others are three coats.  Honolulu was the most opaque and the one I like best.

The citrus collection also doubles up on a previously released shade - Tahitian Lime.  Tahitian Lime wasn't much of a favourtie colour last time I wore it, so I didn't want to swatch it again.


  1. I don't think the new green was released, it was meant to be "Tahitan Lime" but the colour seemed more like frog prince.
    I think they realised the name was too similar.

  2. I can so see that those are hot coals under the grill! great idea!!

  3. Me desculpe por eu estar escrevendo em português,mas adoro seu blog e acho suas unhas muito lindas,tembém tenho um blog


  4. looooooove♡
    It's very cute♡

  5. My husband saw your BBQ pictures and thought it was cool and he asked me if it was supposed to be a grill, so at least one non-polish person got it! I hope that helps you feel a little better about it lol.


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