Friday, December 14, 2012

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Zoya Ornate Collection

I don't own many Zoya polishes, because generally they are difficult for me to get.  When I first saw swatches of this collection, I knew I needed to get the entire lot of them so I jumped onto ebay and snatched them up as soon as they were released.

I'm not going to go into too much description about each shade, as many before me have already done that.  I'll just show you my swatches, and for three of the shades (Aurora, Blaze and Storm) I've got some comparison photos against Ozotics and Picture Polish.

Logan - gorgeous!  I can't decided if I love this one or Ivanka more - they are both so perfect. I did three different swatches of this, cause I just wasn't happy with my photos.

Electra - if you had to call one polish from this collection a dud. this would be it.  Silver holographic bars in a clear base.  Makes a nice sparkly topper, although it's almost too opaque on it's own to be a top coat.  This is two coats of Gelicious Gold Digger.

Aurora - A red toned purple large particle scattered holographic polish.  Beautiful. This is three coats with Seche Vite.

Zoya Aurora comparison with Ozotic 624.  The holographic effect is very similar, the Zoya is slightly darker and more red toned.

Blaze - a raspberry red with scattered holo effect. So juicy and squishy.  This is three coats with Seche Vite.  The holo particle in this one seem a little finer, although I just think it's the red jelly base playing tricks with me.

Zoya Blaze compared to the new version of Picture Polish Monroe. Monroe is more of a blood red and Blaze is more raspberry.  The holo particles show up a bit better in Monroe.

Storm - black with scatter holo, two coats with Seche Vite.

Zoya Storm compared with Ozotic 623.  The holo particles in Storm are more noticeable, probably because the Ozotic is much more opaque.  The Ozotic is pretty much a one coater.  If it were thinned it would sparkle more.

Ziv - WOW, this quite possibly could be my new favourite gold.  It's just so reflective and shiny and I love that it's a cooler toned gold and not too yellow.

I really, really love this collection from Zoya.  I've not bought any other full holiday collection this year except this one (oh and Pretty Serious', but I'm buying all her polishes no matter what!)


  1. Love your post and comparisons!
    my 2 cents:
    chg running in circles is even better than logan
    zoya ziv looks great with thin layer of opi goldeneye

    1. I have both those shades on my wish list. If my secret Santa doesn't get them I will.

  2. Ziv is beautiful.
    Electra? Normally I love bar glitters so ... can a polish just be having a bad hair day?

    1. I think its ok in real life. I don't think holo bars photograph very well? Plus it came in the boxed set! Otherwise I probably would have skipped it.

  3. Sorry but you need to change the titel in Ornate ;).
    Ive got Storm, Aurora and blaze. LOVE these!

    1. Thanks, the 'titel' has been updated. Lol ;)

  4. Zoya is my favorite brand. Aurora, Logan, and Blaze are on my wish list. Those are the three I 'need', but I think it's a great collection overall. Zoya is definitely less expensive for me than Picture Polish, but I am not familiar with the Ozotics price point.


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