Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Ulta3 - Melted Marshmallow

I recently spotted this Ulta3 shade mixed amongst the others in the big polish bin at my local chemist.  It was a shade that I didn't have in my collection, it is made in PRC (which means it's newish) but it was never released as part of any collection.

Melted Marshmallow is your classic very pale pink pearl polish with a fantastically frosty finish.  Urrgghhh, really, I can't believe polish companies still make shades like these.  But I guess someone out there likes them and keeps buying them, otherwise they wouldn't keep making them (well I guess I just bought it too, so maybe I'm perpetuating the demand)

This was three coats of Melted Marshmallow, applied very carefully so as to minimize brush strokes as much as possible.  Just looking at the bottle I knew I wasn't going to like this polish much, and after the first brush stroke I was right.  But, and I can't believe I'm going to say this, at three coats it actually looked ok. 

Do you have any classic frosty shades in your collection?  If so, did you buy them in the 1980's or were they just a buying mistake :)


  1. I'm so jealous that you can find nice Ultra3 shades, altho I'm with you on frost shades (not my perfect look)... my local haunts still haven't got the pastels yet let alone anything else :(

  2. I haven't tried it yet but word on the (blogging) street is that if you use a makeup sponge to apply the last layer of polish this completely obliterates any brushstrokes. My solution is to top it with a layer of OPI Happy Anniversary! :)

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    2. Yup, it works perfectly :) The way I do it is to apply 2 coats as normal and wait for them to dry, then sponge on the third as if you were doing a gradient (otherwise the sponged coat moves the underlying layers around and makes a big mess)then follow with topcoat, my favourite is to then follow the regular topcoat (evens out the sponging) with a matte topcoat - it looks like duchess satin!

  3. I love frosty shades, so I feel I must apologize for possibly contributing to their continued existence haha!

  4. I know frosty shades are out of style right now, but honestly, I love them. I don't mind seeing the brush strokes and I like the glimmery reflections. I JUST bought a new bottle of polish this EXACT shade a couple of weeks ago (since my one from the 80's was all dried out).

    In five to ten years, frosty polish will be back in style and I won't have to feel self conscious anymore.

  5. I don't buy frost finishes but rarely. I don't think of the 80's for frost finishes, but of the 60's when that was the 'it' finish period unless you were a vamp (in now a good way as we think of that term today) or a grandma.Vamps wore red creams and grandmas wore 'safe' coral and ashy rose creams. I do have one kind of like this in my stash and I do love it...OPI Pearl of Wisdom from the China collection - it's more duochrome with some glass fleck to it. I think this might work in one sheer coat over another shade. Don't be surprised when we all are wearing frost finishes again - everything makes a come back at some point. My main issue with frosts is the darn brush strokes. The rare frost that does not do this is worth it's weight in gold! ...well maybe not at today's gold prices!

  6. When I first started wearing polishes I loved the frosty finish - they were the "in" thing in those days as everything else was cream. Yes I'm showing my age now! My Mum was the "vamp" (grins at beachgal) me - I must have been a grandma even back then with all my "safe" frosty colors LOL These days it's "anything goes" Oh my how the grandma image has changed!


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