Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Picture Polish - Cosmos

I saw Cosmos launched on the Picture Polish facebook site and I was instantly in love. A rich dark blue jelly with scattered holographic effect.  This is the blue sister to Picture Polish Kryptonite and in the same family as the Ozotic 600 series.

This is three coats of Cosmos, although two was really enough.  Just like my beloved Kryptonite, this is perfect in every way.  The formula is smooth and easy to apply and it has just the right amount of tint to make it a jelly for the holo particles to shine through, but still providing good opacity.

For anyone that hasn't tried the Ozotic 600 series or the other scattered Picture Polish holos, you need to know that the holo particles are not glitter.  They are ultra thin and irregular shaped, like little shards of holo.  Because they are so thin, the polish dries completely smooth and you don't need top coat. Although you can add top coat (like I have for these pictures) and it wont dull the holo appearance.

Cosmos is available for $11.50 AUD from www.picturepolish.com.au and in other currencies from their network members.  So while you're on sites buying Kryptonite :), you may as well get Cosmos too.

This polish was provided for review.


  1. Gorgeous blue! I can't take my eyes off your swatches! Lol! Completely mesmerized!! ;)

  2. That's gorgeous, with a very suiting name aswell.

  3. I wonder how how it compares to China Glaze Dorothy Who?

    1. I think Cosmos is quite a bit darker, but the big difference is the holo sparks and not glitter.

  4. Whoa... you have some seriously amazing polishes!!

  5. OMG, this is stunning! I need to add this to my wishlist ;)

  6. Holy Wow, this color is absolutely amazing!

  7. This is so gorgeous and stunning!! Love it!

  8. That is incredibly gorgeous. I am currently waiting for Kryptonite to arrive and I'll definitely have to order Cosmos next!

  9. fantastic pics, I really want this one

  10. I ordered Cosmos from Llarowe last week and cannot wait to get it! Ahhh! Great swatches:)

  11. i have just bought this thanks to your beautiful swatches...i love blue polish! xxxx


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