Saturday, December 1, 2012

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Another Ulta3 Nail sticker design

Here is another set of the Ulta3 nail stickers that I tried.  The design has a combination of raised gold droplets together with gold mesh design.  The stickers themselves are translucent, so your base colour shows through the little diamond shapes and around the droplets.  I chose to wear them over a black base.

When I first applied these, they were lovely and smooth, but I decided to add a coat of Seche Vite to seal in the tips and help stop any lifting.  Unfortunately, this caused the tips to wrinkle up a bit, and created some creases in the sides too.  The following day the Seche Vite peeled off in a large sheet off every nail.  It lifted off up to the textured part, where it ripped like perforated paper.

The instructions don't say anything about adding a top coat to the stickers, but I thought, at the time, it was a good idea. In the future though, I wont be adding Seche Vite and I will see what the wear is like and if the tips peel.

This is what the packet looks like.  It comes with 16 stickers, costs $5 and I use the five largest sizes.

Has anyone else tried these Ulta3 nail stickers yet?  What was your experience like.

I still find them rather thick, especially compared to the PERL strips that I reviewed (and have since purchased various other designs.)


  1. Love the idea that they are see though so you can really change out the look with a variety of base shades. I don't have an ULTA for hundreds of miles so I never get there. So far I have not developed a habit of purchasing from them on line. Hopefully without the SV topper these will lay down and wear better next time. I am not a huge fan of nail apps but I really do like the idea of how these have their translucent areas.

  2. Oooh ... I love the design. I really should try some of these for myself :)

  3. These look cool - gorgeous pattern, but the wrinkles would annoy me too much. I tried some Born Pretty stickers and they were awful, so I'm not keen on trying stickers again until I find thin ones that go on perfectly!


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