Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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Smitten Polish - The Holly and the Ivy & Adeste Fedelis

I received these two gorgeous Smitten Polishes as part of my package from my Secret Santa.

The Holly and the Ivy - white jelly base with bright red and green matte hexes in two sizes.  This is three coats with top coat.  

Adeste Fedelis - I loved the look of this polish in the bottle pictures I saw but I wasn't quite prepared for how much I would love it when I put it on my nails.  It has a slightly pink toned white jelly base with rose pink and  pale green large hexes and small copper coloured hexes.  After wearing the rich golden hues of golden eye, this was such a beautiful palette cleansing glitter.  Who would have thought there could be such a thing as a palette cleansing glitter.

The Smitten Polish Etsy site is closed for the holidays, and I have no idea if she will still be selling these two beautiful holiday shades.  I certainly hope so, especially with Adeste Fedelis, because it doesn't look like a holiday polish.


  1. Adeste Fidelis! Oh Come All Ye Faithful!! I sure will be coming after this one. It is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh wow!! Amazing polishes, what great finds!!! Oh btw i mentioned (and shared link) to your blog on a post i made about some franken polishes, hope you dont mind, but i think your blog is amazing and i wanted to share it with others!!!


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