Sunday, December 2, 2012

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Lynnderella - Undead Red

Lynnderella Undead Red has both matte and shiny red glitters in various shapes and sizes.  There is also iridescent blue glitters, which shine more purple because of the red base.  

There are also quite a lot of pinkish medium sized hexes.  I'm not sure if they are meant to be red and have bled a bit, cause I can't see them on Lynnderella's swatches on her sticks or in her description. But looking at her bottle shot macro, I can see something like them. I dunno, either way, I liked the way this looked wearing it.

This is one coat of Undead Red layered over two coats of China Glaze Ruby Pumps.

I'm going to try and join in as much as I can with the Aussie Christmas Nail Challenge.  I know there are a stack of other challenges starting now, but like how this one is about our hot and summery Christmas with BBQs and pool parties, rather than snowflakes. I only just saw it on Aussie Nails, so I'm a day late starting, and I'm totally cheating using the above Undead Red mani I wore earlier this week as my mani for 1 December.


  1. Love that combo, if it wasn't a 20 something dollar a bottle polish I'd totally get it! But I have ruby pumps and will be getting that out for Chrissy!

  2. Oh a challenge nice! The combo is super pretty

  3. This polsh is so beautiful, thanks for sharing

  4. Your glitter swatches are always awesome - it's the depth you capture in them! Then again all your swatches are awesome!

  5. I love the blue/purple iridescent glitters in this one.. gotta pull it out and wear it soon!


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