Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Femme Fatale Cosmetics - indie stockist

I recently received a package from Femme Fatale Cosmetics containing one Femme Fatale polish and a Rainbow Honey polish. Rainbow Honey is just one of the many US indie brands that Femme Fatale Cosmetics now stocks. Check the Femme Fatale website for a full list of other indie brands that are stocked.  

The reason this is so great for Aussies is that we no longer have to pay a huge amount for international postage to get the overseas pretty polishes, plus it means you can select from a number of different brands and just pay the one shipping price.

Anyway, lets look at the two polishes I was sent.

Femme Fatale - Twilight Meteorite - a rich plum pink base with a blue to pink duochrome glass flecks.  To start with, I tried Twilight Meteorite on it's own.  This is three coats with seche vite top coat.

Layered over black it takes on a completely different look.  You can really see the blue to pink duochrome change very easily.  This is one coats of Twilight Meteorite over black. No top coat.

Rainbow Honey - Snake Eyes. This is my first Rainbow Honey polish, so I was pretty excited to try it. Snake Eyes has a sheer base with lots of light green shimmer. The glitters are a majority of light green, accented with glitters in purple, magenta, gold, and black.  

Now I'm not usually a fan of glitter polishes with a heavy shimmer, because they usually make the polish look very lumpy, so I was a little unsure how this was going to look.  I paired this up with the best matching green base in my collection. Ulta3 Jade from their metallic collection last winter.  Ulta3 Jade is actually a polish I don't really like because it's very frosty and brushstrokey, but I couldn't go past it for it's colour.

This is one coat of Ulta3 Jade with two coats of Rainbow Honey Snake Eyes.  This mani looked so beautiful.  The shimmer in the base of Snake Eyes completely hid the frosty finish of Ulta3 Jade, and better still, it didn't make the glitters look lumpy.  So not only is Snake Eyes a beautiful polish, it means I've got a use for one of my polishes that I filed away under "nail art only"

Both Femme Fatale and Rainbow Honey polishes are available from the Femme Fatale website. Rainbow Honey are $10.50AUD and Femme Fatale are $9.85.

Polishes provided for review.


  1. That Femme Fatale polish is beautiful! I like it both alone and over black - I can't decide what I like best.

  2. *wipes drool off keyboard*


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